Why we won’t be encouraging you to ‘come out of lockdown looking good’

Posted April 28th, 2021 in Article

At Zest Live! We avoid morally loaded language.

And this is the first in a series of short articles to explain why.

My eyebrows shot up recently when I overheard an encouragement to ‘look good ready for the pubs re-opening’ on the radio.
  It reminded me of the controversial ‘are you beach body ready?’ campaign from 2015. Do you remember it?

Firstly I don’t believe that a focus on the aesthetic as we slowly emerge from a global trauma is going to be a beneficial mindset. 
The past year, well more than a year now, has bought so many challenges to so many people. It has created economic uncertainty, and both physical health and mental wellbeing insecurity.
  Fitness has a huge part to play in supporting individuals wellbeing through challenging times – it can offer increased energy, better sleep, and reduced stress and tension. So it’s my hope that our sessions will help our clients to come out of lockdown feeling balanced, calm and ready to tackle the next steps.
  If you are training for body composition change (ie muscle growth or body fat reduction) then we can of course help you with this. This transitionary period could be a perfect opportunity to (re)assess your goals. If you have had some time away from training now is not the time to return all guns blazing where you left off before. Moderate your intensity, and increase slowly. And know that there is no specific ‘look’ required for going to the pub.

When we label someone as looking good there may be a guilt attached with the converse. Am I looking ….. ’bad’?
  As soon as we define someone or something as ‘looking good’ some may assume there is a contrary, or antithesis term. In these challenging times this could really knock someones self esteem.
  If lockdown has left it logistically tricky to keep your fitness on track you may be feeling a discombobulated. But there simply is no bad. We support our clients from wherever they are NOW. We’ve all started (and re-started) somewhere. And we’re all rooting for each other.

I am super proud of our members who have stuck to their fitness classes, personal training and wellness coaching sessions over the tough winter 2020-2021. And if you haven’t? That’s OK too. Get in touch and let’s get (re)going.

Finally – if you have suffered a seriously impacted income please also drop us a line – in confidence and we’ll see what we can do.

Next week I’ll be exploring the risks of labelling foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – again it’s attributing a behaviour or characteristic to an insentient thing – and this one happens so often! As always we’d love you to join the conversation so please do let us know what you think via our social media or at hello@zestlive.co.uk

Sam. April 2021