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Posted April 9th, 2021 in Article

How many times have you walked past the yellow and black straps hanging from some kind of odd looking monkey bar type torture device in the gym and wondered what they are? Or maybe you have seen people use them in the gym and wondered what the benefits are, or how they differ to doing standard “machine based” exercises.

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Well, I can tell you that when the TRX (which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise) first came out back in the 90’s I used to wonder the exact same thing. I sometimes used to walk past them and maybe try a couple of squats or reverse lunges, or maybe some rows or a chest press. I was oblivious to the amazing benefits this magnificent piece of equipment could bring and that its more than just a pair of straps to “hold on to” whilst performing simple exercises.

At the time I was living in Kent, and used to go to various classes but there was never a TRX class so, like me, most people were unaware of really how to use the strange straps in the gym, and they were there just gathering dust.

It was only when I started working at Zest Live that I really understood the TRX, its benefits, and how I could use it with clients. This was the ONLY fitness company I found that ran TRX classes and as I was soon to become a certified instructor of some of these said classes, I then made it my mission to find out as much about them as I could.


So what is the TRX? It’s a suspension trainer which uses gravity and your body-weight as resistance. A more dynamic alternative to a movement based training which trains your body in a completely different way than most of us are used to. It involves a combined approach to exercise and focusses on strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Best of all, it works your body in all three dimensions – not just forward and back, but also rotational and side to side movements. Plus, every single workout challenges your core, helping you keep nice and strong. How many standard gym machines or exercises offer this functionality?

Sounds great, but is it for me you ask? Yes!! It’s for everyone and anyone no matter what your fitness level or experience. The TRX allows you to control the intensity of your training merely by adjusting your body position which either increases or decreases the resistance. If you’re not quite ready to step foot in a gym just yet, then you can purchase one of these and set up just about anywhere with minimal space required. Just hook over a door in your house, a tree in the garden/park, or even secure in your car door which I’ve done before! The options really are limitless, meaning you can pack the TRX and take with you just about anywhere and always get your workout fix.

So what is the best way to incorporate TRX workouts Into your routine?
If you’re bored with walking around the gym mindlessly looking around from machine to machine wondering where to start, or if bodyweight exercises are becoming a tad boring, or maybe using weights is great for you but you want to mix it up a little bit, then give the TRX a try. You can do a full-body workout using the TRX or you can mix it into your current fitness routine to challenge your balance and stabiliser muscles.

As many people have been working out at home for the last year, you may have decided that this “new way” of exercising suits you and adding a TRX to your arsenal will spice things up a bit.

If you have recently purchased or would like to purchase a TRX, and are unsure where to start then why not join one of our Live online TRX workouts with a qualified TRX Instructor. The classes are suitable for all levels, and if you need help with mounting the straps or how to set up then we can help with that too.

It doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, setting up and getting started is easier than you think!

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