Teacher, Trainer, Instructor or Coach?

Posted July 23rd, 2020 in Article

As we all adjust to the new normal and what this means to us, the last few months have undoubtedly given us all time to assess what is important. The threat to our health has maybe emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The changes to our regular exercise program, healthy eating, good sleep patterns and social habits have made us realise how much we value those around us that motivate us to maintain and achieve some of these things.

My name is Rebecca and I’m the newest member of Zest live fitness, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself and share my thoughts on how this curve ball may actually be the best thing to achieve all of the above.

I first qualified as a fitness instructor whilst studying at University. This was back in the day where a thong leotard over cycling shorts was actually a thing (I won’t go as far as saying a ‘good look’). So that probably gives you an idea how long ago that was.

I taught at the university ‘aerobics club’ (again a reminder of how much has changed in the industry!) until I graduated.
I then started working in the airline industry to fulfil my passion for travel and have been fortunate enough to be able to continue to teach alongside my job. I’ve been lucky enough to gain a great deal of knowledge and training in various disciplines along the way.

Roll on to 2020 and who knew that so many of us would be having to make such important decisions about our future and also the way we maintain our healthy lifestyle.
Working for an airline and in the fitness industry has not been exactly the best careers to be in during the pandemic!

BUT it has given me the opportunity to have some forced time off from flying around Europe, regularly (it’s not that glamorous and the 3.30am alarm is not missed!) It has also presented the opportunity to work alongside three amazing women at Zest Live digital fitness, who help make those things that we want to maintain and wondered how it was going to be possible during lockdown, exactly that..possible and from the comfort of your own home!

I’ve been lucky enough to consider my love of teaching fitness as a hobby rather than a ‘job’. However, I’ve often questioned my ‘fit’ in the industry that I love for that same reason, because it’s not my full time career.

Recently someone asked me to write down my interests and qualifications. I don’t think I fully appreciated my commitment to the industry until I did. For a hobby I have spent a LOT of time qualifying in various fitness disciplines and hours of training, instructing and educating myself at fitness conferences.

I love to share this and think the more we have the chance to engage with each other, the more positive the impact it has on our body and minds.

I was also asked if I consider myself as a teacher, trainer, instructor or coach?

Well I guess I’m a bit of all of those.

I was taught exercise to music so that I could ‘teach’ people group exercise, I’ve worked as a master ‘trainer’ to teach instructors a fitness program, certifying them to teach their own classes. I am a group fitness instructor responsible for leading and delivering a variety of fitness classes in a safe and effective way from aerobic based, circuits, strength and stretch. I also coach while I do all of this, motivate, encourage, correct and ensure that every participant has an option that’s right for them, challenging them, but also ensuring they feel successful. Ideally with a smile on their face at sometime while we spend our time working out. This made me realise that there’s a lot more to my job than teaching, or instructing, or coaching. It’s about sharing my love and passion of fitness, making exercises a little bit more fun, or challenging but particularly within a group, to be able to connect and educate people to help them make better choices and feel good about themselves and what they’re achieving is why I do this!

We all have moments where we wonder which direction to go in. This time has renewed my focus and energy and given me the opportunity to work alongside three amazing women at Zest live, digital fitness. An opportunity that had we not all been forced in to making some tough decisions over the last few months may not have been possible.
Rewind to the start of lockdown, how many of you wondered how you would maintain your normal fitness routine and the importance it had on your own everyday choices for a healthy lifestyle? The role of the instructor or coach to me felt like a privilege. To be able to share my passion and love of fitness to help give some normality in a crazy time, to see people able to get a sweat on at home, to engage and provide a dose of normality, to someone else but also my own has been the most incredible opportunity.

Every time you commit to your 30 or 45 minute class you are continuing to strive to maintain or achieve a new fitness goal. It may be as simple as holding a plank for 15 seconds longer than you would if you weren’t aware of everyone else on the screen, or to add new balance challenges you weren’t sure about from a lunge. To help you to achieve that with expert instruction and coaching, challenging you along the way, being able to maintain the social interaction, albeit from our own homes and to have that accountability by switching the camera on has been amazing.

I think this is the most exciting opportunity I’ve had in the fitness industry. This is the best way to stay connected, wherever you may be. Giving you the opportunity to keep focused on your goals and maintaining your healthy lifestyle with a varied exercise program. The role of an instructor, with a lot of coaching thrown in has never been more exciting! I am ready to embrace the new normal and commit to a healthier, happier and more content lifestyle. One where I also take the time to breathe, enjoy the calm moments and obviously still get my body moving and muscles working! I hope you are too!💪