Pressing Re-set on a Challenging Year?

Posted September 1st, 2020 in Article

Happy September. I don’t know about you but this change in month, season and sometimes weather is always a significant one for me. With the children getting ready to go back to school it usually feels like a natural re-set. I try and spend some time organising – at home, in the business etc. Do you do the same?

But it goes without saying that this year has been a challenging one. The COVID19 crisis has impacted our jobs, our relationships, our childrens eduction and so much more beyond. Our physical and emotional wellbeing is impacted as a result, and more and more research is pointing a lockdown ‘lethargy’. So is it a more difficult time to re-set? or actually even more important than previous years?

Let’s brainstorm a few ideas to avoid an Autumn slump and enjoy the best bits together.
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I’m sad not to be teaching as scheduled at Ibiza Wellness Retreats this year. I think I’ll struggle without that hit of Autumn sunshine.

That said we are delighted to be offering you LIVE STREAM fitness sessions at home. Our full timetable is bookable online but we have had a few issues with the app recently. If you need any help booking in your classes please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All our clients can try 2 weeks of unlimited classes for £15 Pricing so if you’re looking to try something new this Autumn and see which of our workouts suit you best this is a great opportunity. Please do share with your friends too. We actually have some friendship groups meet regularly via our Zoom classes so it’s a great way to ‘see’ and say hi to those you’ve not been able to hug face to face this summer.

If your meal planning has lost it’s way a bit (or it’s something you want to try!) why not consider 1 months worth of nutritionist designed meals available at NutriBalance Meal Plans and use code MEALPLAN20 for £5 off.


Whatever new challenges Autumn brings we’d love for you to stay in touch. Please let us know your plans via our social media. Facebook Instagram

Here are a few ideas that might be useful for the next few weeks.

Set aside some time to batch cook. I have just chopped, stewed and frozen a huge bag of apples that I was lucky enough to pick up on a recent trip to Dorset. They’ll now be easy to grab from the freezer to flavour porridge or overnight oats for quick filling breakfasts. And OK maybe a crumble or two too!

Try to get outside. We’re having some lovely crisp mornings at the moment in Sussex, and I hope it’s the same where you are. They morph quickly into glorious sunshine so a great chance to grab that vitamin D.

Have a few hours screen free. As we rely on technology more and more to stay connected this can seem counter intuitive.

Lockdown has definitely impacted my attention span and my consumption of news has increased whilst my favourite crime fiction books decreased. I am now making a concerted effort to back away from screen news somewhat, and switch to a weekend paper and more books. At the end of the day you can’t change the news – it’ll be there whether you read it or not.

Wish me luck!
Welcome September