Meal Planning Tips by Rachel

Posted August 21st, 2020 in Article

Rachel Howell BSc(hons) MSc mBANT CNHC
BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist

Meal planning

Here is a scenario many of my new clients describe as a typical week. They have great intentions to eat
healthily and start off really well on Monday but by Wednesday their busy schedule has taken over and
they struggle to find inspiration for something quick, easy and healthy to prepare – usually this leads to
a greasy takeaway. The guilt that follows leads into a weekend of over-indulgence (because they’ve
‘failed’ already this week so why not?!) only for the cycle to repeat itself again on Monday. By the time
they contact me they’ve been stuck in this cycle for a while and can’t see any way of breaking it.
How do you decide what to eat during a typical week? Most people fall into one of these categories –
The repeat shopper – you buy similar things each week and make your favourites – you’d like to try
some new recipes but never have the time to find anything and get organized to add what you need to
your list.

The super planner – this person plans it all out, organises what they will eat every day and has a big list
but finds it so time consuming and would love to get some of this time back for themselves
The random chef – this one is all over the place! One week it all goes well and another they are
scrambling for a takeaway or ready meal at 8PM because they have nothing in the fridge except a bottle
of wine and an old piece of cheese.

OK, so these are very big generalisations but I think you will identify with one of these.
If you’re a super planner you already know the benefits of meal planning:
Save money – buy planning what you will be eating you only buy what you need
Less food waste – no leftovers going in the bin because you will have already planned to have them for
lunch or you will have cooked just enough for your needs.
Variety – seeing your mealplan in black and white can show you areas where you mjght be becoming a
bit repetitive

The thought of planning 3 meals a day, and a couple of snacks for one week (That’s 35 meals/snacks!)
could seem overwhelming. To create a balanced healthy meal plan will take you a long time going
through your recipe books and hoping your choices will provide you with a balanced diet. You could go
through each recipe working out the nutrition content but who has time for that on a Sunday morning
while you’re writing your shopping list for the week.

I have created a monthy mealplan that is available in 3 different versions :vegan, veggie, and one that
includes meat/fish. This includes four week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon
snacks. Each week of the plan includes a simple table showing what you will be eating, a shopping list
that you can use to either visit the supermarket or put into your online shop. There are all the recipes
you will need, (tried and tested! with helpful tips and beautiful photos. The plans are nutritionally
balanced for a healthy intake of macro and micronutrients and provide a variety of recipes so you won’t get bored. I have also snuck in a little bit of mealprep- some of the recipes can be made ahead if you like
to save you time in the kitchen.

The plans are available to purchase at Online Store and Zest Live! clients can get £5 off using code MEALPLAN20