From Enthusiast to Instructor

Posted March 15th, 2021 in Article

Rewind to January 2014 where something just clicked in my mind that I wanted to become a
healthier, fitter and thinner version of me. As a keen runner prior to having my Daughter in 2010 I
had lost any motivation to exercise. What prompted me was a photo I saw of myself, looking back
now it wasn’t so bad but I thought that doesn’t look like me, that’s not me but it was. I was so
determined to change, I bought some pink trainers and prepared myself to attended my first
PILOXING class with Sam.

For anyone attending a class for the first time it comes with mixed emotions
but I came away on a high wanting more, Pilates, Boxing and Dance this class had me absolutely
hooked! As the months went on, I increased my classes from one to three a week, started eating
healthier and I was losing weight week by week and best of all starting to feel like myself again,
noticing the change in my body and comments from people complimenting me I was feeling super
confident and proud of myself, my hard work and commitment was showing. As the year went on
PILOXING became a bit of an obsession I couldn’t get enough! The feeling of having time to do
something you enjoy so much and knowing it is so healthy for you away from being a Mum was a
huge boost. 2015 was another life changing year for me when Sam opened her own studio in May. I
increased my classes once again and was pretty much attending one every day even two! I had never
been or felt as fit and healthy as I was right then.

My obsession with PILOXING also began to grow and I had a slight favourite with PILOXING Barre. In September 2015 I was given the opportunity to become an Instructor. Could I do it? Would I be good enough? How can I be an Instructor! All went through my mind. BUT I completed the training confidently and felt so privileged to become an official Instructor, an amazing day that ended on a massive high. After being given my own class my confidence began to grow and I was living the dream. This was just the beginning! In 2016 I had another opportunity to certify to became a PILOXING Instructor. This time without hesitation I
certified with our own Zest Live Rebecca! Another amazing day and another huge boost for my fitness. With our LIVESTREAM classes in full flow in 2020, in November I certified for my third certification PILOXING Booty.


So from client to instructor, I feel extremely proud to be part of Zest Live and the opportunities that
have been given to me. I have met so many people who are clients but also become friends and the
reviews and messages received after class are truly appreciated and mean so much to me. As a client
you are focusing on yourself and your own fitness goals but as an instructor your focus is on each
person that is attending your class and my whole attention is on you. This is what I love most seeing
each person grow with their fitness levels and technique with each of the PILOXING programs. My
obsession with PILOXING also continues to grow and I strive to give the best class with a dash of fun!
Staying Sleek, Sexy and Powerful.

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