I am new to exercise. Are the classes suitable for me?

Our online fitness classes are suitable for all levels but the following would be particularly enjoyable if you are new to exercise or returning after a break:

Barre Fitness
Freestyle Fitness Yoga
LAB – Legs, Abs, Booty

If you have an injury or medical condition please do contact us so we can signpost the most appropriate sessions for you

Do I need any equipment?

Plenty of our sessions leverage bodyweight only meaning you just need a small amount of floor space.  If you are exercising on a hard floor having an exercise mat or large folded up towel to hand will make things more comfortable.

The following classes to require a small amount of kit:

TRX Small Group Training – You will need to have a TRX or Suspension Trainer safely anchored.  We can advise on the purchase and set up of this equipment.

Gliding – You will need to have a pair of Gliding Discs.  We have both hard floor and carpeted packs available to buy in our shop.

PILOXING Barre and Barre Fitness – You will need a high backed ‘dining’ type chair.  We will not be putting our full weight onto the chair, it is a prop to allow you to get a little deeper into the grand plies.

What should I wear?

Regular fitness clothes are fine! so leggings, shorts or joggers and a tee shirt or vest top.  Most of our classes can be joined barefoot.  If you are wearing socks on a hard floor we would strongly advise you to choose the ‘grip’ type with stick dots on the bottom.

Please keep a drink of water, and maybe a sweat towel nearby.

Do I need to download anything?

Our LIVE STREAM classes are taught via Zoom.  If you plan to use a mobile device (Ipad, tablet, mobile phone etc) download the Zoom app before your class.  If you are using a desktop or laptop computer the link will be via your systems browser so no need to download anything.

I'm booked! Anything else I need to know on the day?

Providing you have signed up to receive booking confirmation (recommended!) the Zoom link will already have been sent to you via email.  If not, or you haven’t received it (check your spam box) please contact us.

Please be on time for the class.

It is helpful for your coach if you opt to have your video ‘on’.  If you’d really rather not thats OK too but please check in regularly to let us know you’re enjoying the class.

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