It will soon be one year…..

Posted February 15th, 2021 in Article

It will soon be one year since we delivered our first LIVE STREAM class and what a crazy but also an incredible year it has been. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience as an instructor of online fitness sessions – how delivering PILOXING SSP, PILOXING Barre Classes and Now PILOXING Booty to our Zest Live clients has helped me stay positive through the pandemic year we’ll never forget.

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With the benefits of working out online whenever and wherever you want I am thrilled that our Zest Live virtual classes are proving to be a huge success with you. Just reading these reviews makes me smile.  I have met so many lovely people from all over the UK, and it really has helped me remember that we’re all connected. Even right now.

I completely understand how working from home and home-schooling, or attending your workplace whilst dropping children to school or just running to your own tight schedule can make it very hard to find time for your fitness but with our extra classes added to our timetable and zero travel time this flexibility allows you to continue or gives you the opportunity to get back to or maintain your fitness. We’re very excited to be launching our Video On Demand feature on March 1st for even more flexibility in your fitness world.

If you are new to exercise, you aren’t sure what types of exercise you like, or you feel intimidated when joining a new class environment, online training is actually an excellent reprieve from the gym or studio. You can try different classes from the comfort of your home and surroundings to find what best suits you. Bit I really do think that if you try just one class you will be hooked and want to book your next.

If you assume that because you are not in the same location as your instructor, you’ll feel demotivated absolutely be assured that we at Zest Live are 100% committed to ensure you receive the highest quality online class and will continue to motivate you. We have heaps of fun PILOXING but also stay accountable too.

Knowing I can 100% commit to delivering a class 3 times a week is a great feeling. Seeing everyone’s face at the beginning and end of a class absolutely makes my day. The progress and commitment of those attending my class makes me so proud. And as an Instructor you can still motivate and perfect those moves. When I say lift your arms, lift or straighten your leg, get a little lower I absolutely see it! And chatting to everyone after is such a boost in these times!