Home Schooling and Working from Home

Posted January 31st, 2021 in Article

With this weeks announcement that schools will not re-open to all pupils until at least the 8th of March I thought it would be a good time to see how our Zest Live! parents, guardians and teachers were holding up?

Combining home schooling and working from home is a tremendous challenge and as a parent myself I ‘get it’. When it’s going well, it feels like it’s going really well. When it’s not….well more of that in a moment.

I am however extremely appreciative of the girls schools who have presented really high quality home learning provision in this 3rd lockdown.

Balancing pivoting, maintaining and growing Zest Live! as a single Mum to 2 spirited girls has been immensely challenging at times. The recognition that their education is paramount but when push comes to shove it is this very business that puts a roof over their heads and food on their plate.

Some things that have helped us achieve….not quite a routine but something closer to balance include:

Starting the day on the right foot
I make sure the evening before I know each of our schedules for the following day and can have any resources ready. For all of us that is laptops fully charged, session plans written (me) and the required headphones pens and workbooks for them.
I am a stickler for everyone being dressed, hair brushed and breakfasted before the start of the school day. As much to make the transition back to face to face seamless!

Working out a work space
The girls (like myself) can be distracted from their schooling so we try and set up together..at the family table when I am doing administrative tasks and it can feel quite industrious. We are able to work together quietly, brainstorm and have a bit of ‘office chat’ too.

Listing and Prioritising
I’ve found breaking down my work tasks into lists can make them feel more manageable, less threatening and give focus to days which by their nature (that of fitness) can often include long hours and split shifts. That said I won’t beat myself up on missed tasks…prioritising them will help get there, then…well there’s always tomorrow.

Scheduling a break
This has been easier said than done with 3 separate schedules but we try to take at least one break together per day to get outside. Sometimes it’s early morning, sometimes over lunch – it pays to be a little bit flexible here.

Planning easy meals
I am always amazed as to just how much my two can eat, and the frequency! Wanting to keep journeys to a minimum I have been trying to bulk shop and plan meals etc to avoid ‘nipping to the shop’. Having fruit to hand means we interrupt each other less, and I’ve also found that having easy lunch foods that don’t need cutting (wraps, cherry tomatoes, grated cheese etc) means my 9 year old actually enjoys creating her own ‘picnic’ style lunch. In the evening ‘heat and eat’ batch cooked bolgnaises, pies etc have been worth their weight in gold.

Making time for your well-being
In all of this … lack of routine I understand how easy it is for your own fitness and well-being to be pushed aside. We hope we can keep you grounded at Zest Live! Fitness training will energise you for the challenges you face, Yoga will provide you an opportunity to connect with yourself. 45 minutes is all you need and minimum floor space for our great selection of LIVE STREAM classes. We are full steam ahead preparing our ON DEMAND video library and we hope that the launch will allow you even more flexibility in keeping up with the workouts you love.

Finally, sometimes even with the best intentions it can fall down somewhat. This week my daughters laptop crashed and we struggled to share with both of us having full on days of online teaching. It became a little fraught but I took a step back at the end of the day visited …. A local duck pond. They’re possibly too grown up now for duck feeding but the combination of fresh air, wildlife and nurturing something else calmed us all down.

So my overarching suggestion would be to be flexible. Allow your children time to tell you how they’re doing. Connect with other parents and friends. We’ll get through this – together. And if you would like to chat to other Zest Live parents and guardians drop us a line at hello@zestlive.co.uk or follow our social media Facebook Instagram

Sam, Jess and Summer